1. Excursions to Cloudland
    Dire Wolves

  2. Chaos & Systems
    Sundays & Cybele

  3. Jamming the Trump Agenda: A Sonic Fundraiser for the ACLU & Sierra Club

  4. Rencontrer Looloo

  5. Psychic Tears
    Sam Kogon

  6. Drakkar Nowhere
    Drakkar Nowhere

  7. Elkhorn

  8. Baptistina

  9. Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2016 Summer Jam Sampler

  10. Entranced Earth
    The Myrrors

  11. In Time
    Our Solar System

  12. Hum
    Eerie Wanda

  13. Heaven
    Sundays & Cybele

  14. Mary Weaver
    Coke Weed

  15. Holy Water Pool

  16. This Wilderness
    Midday Veil

  17. Blood Moon
    Ancient Ocean

  18. BBiB Records Jam Sampler - Summer 2015

  19. En Månvandring
    Our Solar System

  20. Phantom Letters
    Annique Monet

  21. Mean Green 7"

  22. All My Friends Are Stone [Distro]

  23. Arena Negra
    The Myrrors

  24. Against Nature [Distro]
    Eidetic Seeing

  25. Transmissions From Telos Vol. III [Vinyl Distro]

  26. Climbing Light
    Prince Rupert's Drops

  27. Dérive [Distro]
    Marian McLaughlin

  28. The Pilgrim to the Absolute
    Montibus Communitas

  29. Jingle Jangle Morning
    The Velcro Lewis Group

  30. Greener Grass

  31. BBiB Records Jam Sampler - Summer 2014

  32. The Electric Hour
    Jeffertitti's Nile

  33. Balloon Age
    New Electric Ride

  34. Face The Sun
    The Entrance Band

  35. Vårt Solsystem
    Our Solar System

  36. Open The Sky
    The Velcro Lewis Group

  37. Stay Awake (single)
    Prince Rupert's Drops

  38. Solar Shifting
    Devonian Gardens

  39. No Pizza No Peace
    Lil Daggers

  40. All Who You Know - digital single
    New Electric Ride

  41. Keep Sleeping

  42. New Hampshire Freaks (red-shell cassette repress)
    Quilt & MMOSS

  43. FRST

  44. Pines
    Kiki Pau

  45. Run Slow
    Prince Rupert's Drops


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